How to Cash a Torn Check

How to Cash a Torn Check
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Mail mishaps or an accident that occurs after a check reaches you can result in a torn check. Unfortunately, torn checks won't make it through the automated processing machines that banks use -- which can keep you from your cash. If, however, you're resourceful enough, there's a workaround that you can try to receive the money in your hand. If it works, it will save you the time of having to request a replacement for the worthless check.

Examine the check to see where it was drawn. The bank's name will be on the check.

Take the check to the bank where it was drawn. For instance, if the check was drawn on Bank of America, take it to your local Bank of America branch.

Explain to the bank teller why the check is torn: damage in the mail or by accident, for example.

Ask the teller politely if he or she can cash the check for you.


  • If you can't cash the check, call the person or company who sent it to you and request a replacement.


  • If the amount of the check or the account or routing numbers are missing, the bank won't be able to cash the check. This is essential information.