How to Cash a Savings Bond in My Maiden Name

How to Cash a Savings Bond in My Maiden Name
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The U.S. Treasury Department issues U.S. Savings Bonds at face value through its TreasuryDirect program (see Resources); in January 2012, it discontinued the sale of paper savings bonds. Whether paper or electronic, savings bonds make great gifts, and their earnings are free from state and local taxes. If you have paper savings bonds, it's a relatively easy process to cash them in even if they were issued in your mainden name.

Check your savings bond for type. The EE, E and I series, as well as Savings Notes can be cashed at any FDIC-insured bank. Other types of bonds should be referred to the location they were originally processed. The series number is located on the front of the bond. Note that paper savings bonds were sold for half their face value and earned interest at varying rates; thus, it's likely that unless the bond is 20 years old or older, you'll be paid less than face value. You will still earn the full amount of interest to which you're entitled, though.

Gather your bonds, Social Security card, birth and marriage certificates, along with a photo I.D. The more documents you bring that prove who you are, the less hassle there will be when you go to cash in the bond.

Take the bond and the documents to an FDIC-insured bank and request that the bonds be cashed. Once you present the documents and bank staff determine you to be the person named on the bond, you will be issued money in exchange for the bond.