How to Cash a Savings Bond for Another Person

Savings bonds are issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and are sold directly from the Department of the Treasury, participating banks and credit unions. Bonds can be redeemed at most banks and credit unions. Identification is required by the bond holder to cash a savings bond. If you're cashing a bond on behalf of someone else, you must provide documentation proving your authority to do so. Parents of minor children, beneficiaries and legal guardians have the authority to cash savings bonds for others.

Determine if you're qualified to cash the savings bond for the owner. If not, contact the person who is.

Take the savings bond to a bank or credit union with your identification and supporting documentation. You do not need to cash the bond where it was purchased.

Explain to the bank representative that you are cashing the bond for someone else and describe your relationship to that person. Provide the supporting documentation, such as a death certificate or guardian's authority.

Endorse the bond in front the representative. Endorsement is done on the back of the bond and is similar to endorsing a check. Stipulate your authority and sign it. For example, when signing for a minor, endorse it as follows: "I certify that I am the parent of Mary Smith, age 3 and unable to legally understand and thus make this request. Mildred Smith on behalf of Mary Smith."