How to Cash Out a Bank Account

How to Cash Out a Bank Account
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Although you typically can cash out your bank account in a single trip to the bank, it pays to do a little planning before you withdraw your cash. You will need to pay the bank any outstanding fees and make sure all uncleared payments are covered before you can close your account.

Check your bank’s policies. Some banks require you to visit a branch in person to cash out and close an account, while other banks allow you to close your account online, by letter or by phone, and will mail you a check for the balance in the account.

Pay any outstanding fees. If your account is subject to termination fees or you have other unpaid fees, such as account maintenance fee, you will need to pay these before you close your account.

Account for uncleared payments. If you have have checks, automatic withdrawals or other debits that are outstanding, you must either wait for these items to clear or leave just enough cash in the account to cover them. If you close your bank account before the outstanding payments clear, vendors will be notified that the account is closed or that there are insufficient funds, which could leave you facing bounced-check fees from the vendor and the bank. If you leave cash in your account, be aware that you will need to formally close the account at another time.


  • If you want to avoid the hassle of waiting for payments to clear, stop any direct payments from the account and spend a few weeks winding down other spending on the account.