How to Cash a Check Over 10K

How to Cash a Check Over 10K
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Whether you got lucky with the lottery or you just got paid for a settlement or inheritance, you may have trouble trying to cash your check for more than $10,000. You cannot walk into your bank or the bank the check was drawn on and simply be handed the money. Steps must first be taken to prepare the money, validate the check and verify your identity before you can get the cash.

View the check. Locate the name of the bank that the check was drawn on and find a branch near you.

Call the bank at least one day before you visit it. Let them know that you have a large check that you wish to cash. This is to let them prepare the money for you. They may also instruct you to come prepared with documents, such as proof of identity.

Go to the bank at the arranged time, if there was an exact time arranged.

Explain to a bank teller that you had called the previous day. Give the teller your name and proper identification if you are asked.

Sign the back of the check in front of the teller and hand the teller your ID and the check. The teller will go through numerous security checks to ensure the check is valid and verify your identity. This will likely take longer than cashing a smaller check.

Receive your cash after the teller counts the money.

Double-check the cash by recounting it in front of the teller.