How to Cancel a READYdebit Card

How to Cancel a READYdebit Card
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A READYdebit card is a prepaid Visa card issued by Ready Financial designed for rebuilding damaged credit. You can receive a READYdebit card by completing an online application at Use the READYdebit card to complete any transaction that accepts Visa debit cards. The Ready card is nontransferable and allows you to cancel at any time without prior notice. Canceling your card is not a difficult task.

Locate the customer service number on the back of the card, from your statement or the online website.

Dial 866-295-2460, press "1" to continue in English or "2" for Spanish, then press "2" for account information and wait for a representative to come on the line.

Inform the representative that you want to close your READYdebit account. Give the representative your name, card number and any additional information to verify your identity. He will let you know the amount you have left on your card.

Request to have your remaining balance amount issued to you by check. Wait to receive your check by mail, which Ready Financial will send via mail to the address listed on your account.


  • Be sure you want to cancel your Ready Visa debit card. Once you cancel the card, you can no longer use it for transactions.