How to Cancel Privacy Matters

Long before The National Bureau of Economic Research released data showing that the U.S. economy had entered a recession in December 2007, identity theft was a major problem for U.S. consumers. Bad economic times have since led to an increase in identity theft. In order to decrease the chances of becoming victims of identity theft, many people have subscribed to Privacy Matters, a credit monitoring and identity theft protection company. However, many people are finding that the $19.95 fee is too much to deduct from their paychecks, which might have shrunk or even disappeared. As a result, many are canceling their membership with Privacy Matters.

Stress-Free Cancellation of Privacy Matters

Determine which type of service you have. Privacy Matters offers two types of packages. Privacy Matters 1-2-3 allows you to obtain and access your credit report and scores from all three credit bureaus. Privacy Matters Identity notifies you when a new account is opened in your name or when an action such as change of address or phone number is reported to the credit bureau.

Find your membership number. This will make it easy for the representative to access your record. However, they can look up your account information using other information such as your phone number and Social Security number.

Call Privacy Matters to cancel your membership. Each program has a different contact number. For Privacy Matters 1-2-3, call 1-877-993-6264. For Privacy Matters Identity, call 1-888-840-6301.

Request email or written confirmation of your cancellation. Many members have reported that they were charged the monthly fee even after canceling.


  • Monitor your bank accounts to make sure that you are not charged any additional fees after your cancellation.

    If you have responded to the 30-day trial membership offer, be sure to cancel before the 30-day period in order to avoid incurring any charges.

    You cannot cancel benefits of your membership package.


  • Write down the name and Employee ID number of the representative that you spoke to as well as the date and time of your conversation for future occurrences. If you ever need to call back to speak to a supervisor, knowing that information will make you sound more credible.

    According to the terms of your membership, you have the right to cancel your membership. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot. According to, "You have the right to cancel your membership at any time. There is never an obligation to be a member."