How to Cancel Payments Made on a Visa

You may have several reasons to want to cancel a payment made on your Visa card. Your card may have been charged erroneously or you may have had an automated payment charged to your Visa when you preferred to pay with a different method. Whatever your reason for canceling a payment, you need to immediately contact the bank that issued your Visa card or general Visa customer service. Speak to a customer service agent who might be able to cancel the payment.

Gather information about the payment that you made on your Visa. Information that you need will vary slightly depending on the company that issued you the Visa card, but you should plan on collecting information about the following: contact information for the vendor or company where you used your Visa card to charge goods or make a payment, and the exact amount of the charge. You will also need to give a reason why you want to cancel the payment.

Call the customer service number for the bank that issued you the Visa card. If you do not know the customer service number, you can find it on your Visa card or on your most recent bill. You can also contact the general Visa customer service number at 1-800-847-2911.

Speak to a customer service agent and tell him that you would like to cancel your latest charge. The rules for this procedure vary depending on the bank. For example, some banks may require you to call the day that you made the charge. Other banks will ask you to submit the payment that you want to cancel in writing to the bank’s credit card office. If you want to cancel a credit card payment because your card was stolen, tell the customer service agent. If you suspect fraud, tell the agent.

Keep track of any details related to a canceled payment. You should receive a canceled payment confirmation number, which you should save for your records. If your credit card was lost or stolen and you need to cancel several payments, ask you bank for a letter or hard-copy confirmation that the payments were canceled.


  • While the rules for canceling payments vary depending on the issuing bank, keep in mind that you might not always be able to cancel a credit card payment.