If I Cancel a Debit Card, Will Automatic Bills Still Be Paid With the Old Card Number?

by Alan Sembera
Debit card payments come directly from your account balance.

When you set up automatic billing with a company using your debit card number, canceling the card usually prevents the company from taking further payments from your account. To continue getting the subscription or service, you must set up a new means of payment with the company. If want to stop the automatic payments, canceling the card can be a good way to deal with an unresponsive company.

Renewing Automatic Payments

In most cases when you cancel the card, the company that was taking out the payments will automatically contact you for a new card number when the bill is due, usually by email. In other cases, you may need to call the company or go to its website to update your information.

Canceling Automatic Payments

Although canceling a debit card can block automatic payments set up through another company, it won't affect payments set up through your bank's automatic bill-paying program. These payments come directly from your bank account and aren't tied to the debit card number.

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