How to Cancel a Credit Card Order Online

How to Cancel a Credit Card Order Online
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When your mouse moves more quickly than your brain, you might end up making a purchase you regret or adding the wrong item to your virtual shopping cart. If you act quickly, you might be able to cancel an online order before your card is charged or your order is shipped. In other cases, you'll have to file a dispute or return the items before you can expect to see the money again.

Check your e-mail for the order confirmation message. Some businesses give instructions for canceling the order as well as a time limit on how long you have to cancel your order. If the e-mail contains these instructions, follow them carefully. If there's no such information in the e-mail, log on to your account on the website where you placed the order. Click on your order history. If the item has not yet been shipped, there might be an option you can click to cancel the order.

Call the company's customer service number and tell them you want to cancel the order. If the order has not been shipped or processed, they might be willing to let you do so, particularly if you want to change or add to your order. Ask the customer service representative to send you confirmation that the order was canceled via e-mail.

Dispute the order if the company made an error or you are not the one who made the purchase. If you used an online payment processor, you'll need to follow their dispute process. Otherwise, contact your credit card company directly and tell them you need to file a dispute. You'll typically receive a provisional credit for the cost of the order until your card company can dispute the case.


  • If you placed the order and you cannot cancel it, you'll need to wait until the items arrive and then return them.

    If you dispute an order with your credit card company and still receive the merchandise, failing to return the merchandise is fraud.