Can I Work for the Casino If I Declared Bankruptcy?

Working for a casino can be a way to earn a living while meeting people from all walks of life -- casinos are common entertainment destinations for locals and tourists alike. Casinos are also typically large employers in their communities. They employ cocktail servers, table game dealers, slot machine technicians, food service workers, maintenance workers, casino management personnel and security. In some cases, however, having a bankruptcy on your record may prevent you from working for a casino.

Obtaining a Casino Job

Casinos, like any other business, may run a credit check when you apply for employment. If the casino's human resources department opts to obtain your credit report, it must notify you in writing before doing so. Although some casinos run credit checks on prospective employees, obtaining credit information is not an industry standard. If a casino does discover a bankruptcy on a background check, or if you indicate on your application that you have filed for bankruptcy, no law prohibits the casino from refusing to employ you.

Type of Position

Casinos that run credit checks are not obligated to do so for every job position. Some positions, particularly those that involve handling cash, may pose a greater risk of loss to the casino than others. For example, a blackjack dealer has access to thousands of dollars of cash every working day, while a maintenance worker may not have direct access to cash owned by the casino. For this reason, running a credit check for a position that does not involve handling cash may represent an unnecessary expense for the casino.

Retaining a Casino Job

Casinos are bound by federal laws regarding the termination of an employee for filing bankruptcy. If you already have a job at a casino, it cannot terminate your employment solely because you declare bankruptcy.


Although some casinos may perceive a person who has declared bankruptcy as a financial risk, bankruptcy may have positive effects as well. Overwhelming debt can produce intense stress, easy distraction and poor sleep habits, which can translate to poor work performance and increased susceptibility to error. Filing bankruptcy may help relieve financial stress, allowing you to focus more completely on your casino job duties.