How Can I Get My Teen Into the Job Corps?

How Can I Get My Teen Into the Job Corps?
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Job Corps is a free, voluntary program that provides vocational training to at-risk 16- to 24-year-olds at 123 centers nationwide where youth live on campus. A successful Job Corps student will receive a diploma as well as career training in one of 100 career fields. Such fields include hospitality, construction, business technology and health care. The recipient will receive a stipend for attending the program as well as health care and transportation services.

Contact the Job Corps hotline at (800) 733-JOBS or (800) 733-5627. An operator will ask you a few questions including your teen&#039;s name and the reason you desire enrollment. Once you complete the basic questionnaire, the representative will refer you to your nearest Job Corps location. The operator will also mail you an information packet, so you can get a better understanding of the program.

Contact the referring location to schedule an appointment with an admissions representative. Bring your teen along. Also, bring a current physical for your teen, income verification and identification. The admissions representative will ask that you complete an application and give you a tour of the facility.

Wait for the admissions representative to determine your eligibility. This could take several weeks. Most prospective students are notified by mail. Eligible candidates must meet the income requirements and citizen status, as well as the age requirements.

Schedule a meeting to complete all the consent forms allowing Job Corps to house your teen. This is done once you are deemed eligible for the program. At the meeting, your teen is assigned a dormitory room and a move-in date.


  • Retain all the consent forms because they contain contact information for the representatives who assisted you through the application process.