Can I Make Money Taking Care of My Elderly Grandmother?

When a grandmother can no longer take care of herself, a caregiver may be required to provide assistance. Instead of paying a professional caregiver for help, you may want to do the job yourself. Since you are taking on a large time commitment, you may be compensated for your work in this area.

Care Taking

When you wish to be paid for providing care for your elderly grandmother, you may be required to fulfill many duties in this role. Depending on the condition of your grandmother, you may be asked to help bathe and dress her. You may have to feed your grandmother or help take her to the restroom. Some housework may also be involved if your grandmother is not up to this task any longer. You may also have to pick up groceries, prescriptions and other items as well.

Pay From Estate

One way that you could potentially be paid for this service is by collecting a salary from your grandmother's estate. If your grandmother has a relatively large estate, she may be wiling to pay a family member to help take care of her. Besides providing you with an income and your grandmother with help, it can also help deal with family feuds as well. By depleting the estate a bit, it may lead to fewer fights over assets when your grandmother passes away.

Long-term Care Insurance

If your grandmother paid for long-term care insurance, you may collect some money from her policy. Some long-term care insurance plans pay a certain amount of money for in-home care. If her policy has this provision, you can collect money for being the caregiver. In many cases, the insured will receive a certain amount of money per day or per month. Since you are the caregiver, you can collect the money that is paid.


If your grandmother qualifies for Medicaid, you might collect some money from this program. Medicaid is a program that pays benefits to those with low incomes and very few assets. Medicare will sometimes pay a minimal amount of money for in-home care. Some states use a program called Cash and Counseling through Medicaid which allows the senior citizen to choose the person who gives them care instead of requiring a caregiving agency.