Where Can I Obtain a California State Tax Form & Booklet?

Taxes are inevitable and sometimes require forms and a booklet. If you pay California taxes, you can get the forms and booklet you need in a variety of ways. You can use the Internet, pick up a hard copy, get them mailed to you or purchase them in a tax preparation software package.


Go to the California Taxes site (link in Resources section below). The site has forms for download. Use the “California Income Tax Booklet” to download the entire booklet (60 to 70 pages). Print the tax forms included in the booklet if you want to fill them by hand. Choose a specific “fill in” form from email if you want to fill the form in on your computer.

Pick up a hard copy

Pick up a paper copy of tax booklets and forms from local libraries, post offices and the six California Franchise Tax Board offices. San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Santa Ana and San Diego all have offices for the tax board. You can also pick up a California state forms and booklets at the 28 IRS locations in the state. Find the list of IRS locations by using the IRS reference below.

Get them mailed to you

Phone (800) 338-0505 to get the documents mailed to you. You will reach a voice mail message with instructions. Push "1" if you want to get forms for personal taxes and "2" if you want information for business forms. Choose the "To order forms" option. Punch in a three-digit code to specify which forms you are requesting. Find the codes and accompanying forms at the "Codes for phone orders of forms" link below. Expect a wait of two to three weeks for the forms. You'll get two copies of each form you order and one copy of the tax booklet.

Tax Software

Tax software offers the opportunity to purchase state forms and the booklet, and can file your federal and state taxes simultaneously. Tax software also automatically shifts the information from your federal taxes into your state forms if you choose to buy the state tax portion.