How Can I Get a Social Security Verification Print Out?

How Can I Get a Social Security Verification Print Out?
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The Social Security Administration is a division of the United States Government open for the community. Local offices provide Social Security numbers and cards, retirement and disability benefits and Medicare services. The leading request from the Social Security Administration is for an application/replacement of Social Security card. Each person who applies for a Social Security card, can receive a Social Security number printout until an official card is mailed. For security purposes, you cannot acquire a Social Security verification printout through the Internet. You will need to visit a local office.

To receive a Social Security verification printout, visit the Social Security Administration website for an application. Print out and complete Form SS-5, entitled Application for a Social Security Card. You will need to select the type of card you will need including; original, replacement or corrected.

Take your completed application and specific documents to a local Social Security Office. Individuals who live within specific states are allowed to mail an application in, so check the website to see if your state qualifies. You will need to bring in or mail either an original of your documentation, or extract of an original document certified by the issuing agency. Your original documents and certified copies will be returned to you right away.

Upon review of the application and identity documents at a local Social Security office, you will receive a Social Security verification printout. The printout can be used for verification until an original Social Security card is mailed out to you. The Social Security Administration will mail out an original an Social Security card within 10 days to the address you specify on the application.


  • A Social Security verification printout is effective for 30 days from issuance. Each individual is limited to 3 replacement copies of a Social Security card per year, and 10 copies over a lifetime. Be sure to keep your original Social Security card in a safe place.


  • The Social Security Administration will not accept photocopies or notarized documents.