Can I Rent After I Have Been Evicted?

Can I Rent After I Have Been Evicted?
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If you are evicted from your home, you may be scrambling to find a new place to live. That is made more challenging as evictions often show up on your credit report, and a new landlord may not want to rent to you. There are some steps you can take to make renting after eviction easier.

Preventing an Eviction

Your best plan of action is to work to avoid the eviction in the first place. Most landlords will try to work with tenants to avoid having to go through the legal eviction process, which can be expensive and emotionally draining. Try to work with the landlord to catch up on rent payments if you are behind or correct any violations of the rental contract.

Rent Again Quickly

If you cannot avoid an eviction, your credit report is likely to take a hit. If you find a new place quickly, you may be able to beat the negative report that will eventually show up. Most landlords require a copy of your credit report or want a reference from your previous landlord. Your credit report may stay clean for 30 to 60 days, so if the new landlord doesn't request contact information for the previous landlord, you may be able to rent again.

Solicit Personal Recommendations

If the eviction is already on your credit report, it limits your options. Many landlords simply will not rent to you. Some, however, might take the chance if you can explain the reasons for the eviction and why it would never happen again. Obtain written references from your boss, your bank and even friends showing that you are financially solvent and an upstanding citizen. These references can sometimes help you overcome your negative rental history.

Rent From a Friend

In order to rent a house or apartment after eviction, it is sometimes necessary to distance yourself from the eviction. If you can rent from a friend for a while, it establishes new positive rental history. Any potential landlord who requires a reference will speak to your friend rather than the landlord who evicted you.