How to Know Where I Can Donate Plasma for Money in Austin, Texas

How to Know Where I Can Donate Plasma for Money in Austin, Texas
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Blood plasma is a pale yellow liquid portion of blood that contains water, electrolytes and proteins. Plasma donated for money is often used in therapeutic treatment of serious health issues such as Hemophilia, severe burns and blood clotting and immunodeficiency disorders. It is also used to make cosmetics products. In the United States, government regulated commercial companies usually pay for plasma instead of non-profits such as the American Red Cross. One of the fastest ways to locate these companies in Austin, Texas is through websites devoted to plasma donation awareness that offer donation center search tools.

Navigate to the Find a Donation Center page on the Donating or Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association website (see link in Resources). Enter “Austin” in the City field, “Texas” in the State field and then select “United States” on the Country drop-down menu. Alternatively, enter a specific Austin ZIP code in the ZIP Code field.

Select “View All” on the Results drop-down menu or select the number of miles around Austin that you want to search, such as “25,” “50,” “75” or “100.”

Click the “Search” button to see results for plasma collection centers located in Austin such as BioLife Plasma Services, DCI Biologicals and Biomat USA.

Call a company using the phone number provided in the Find a Donation Center search results. Ask the company's representative if they pay for plasma donations. If you can’t reach a company, use the website link provided to access the company's home page. Locate the Contact Us or similar page and then try again.


  • Although requirements vary, donors of blood plasma must usually be at least 18 and weigh 110 pounds. They’re typically required to submit to a medical history review, examinations and blood tests for transmittable viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. The initial screening can take up to three hours. Subsequent visits to donate can take up to one and half hours. To make the most money from donating, contact all of the companies you find, compare donor compensation offers, and select the company that makes the best offer.


  • Compensation for blood plasma donations vary by collection center and company. Federal regulations require that you wait two days after a donation before donating a second time. You can only donate twice in a week.