How Can I Get My Name on My Boyfriend's Bank Account?

Creating a joint account may be useful for couples who share expenses. If you and your boyfriend have decided to join accounts, you can do so easily with the appropriate identification. The process for having your name added to an account differs by bank, so make sure you have the appropriate documents on hand when you are both ready.

Call your boyfriend's bank or financial institution and ask about the process for adding a person to an account. Get specifics about the paperwork and identification that you each need to have, as well as whether you should make an appointment at a branch.

Discuss what kind of account you want to share with your boyfriend. A joint account gives both parties equal access to the funds in the account, but in the event that you or your boyfriend dies, the bank will want to know who the funds will go to. Having this discussion in private prior to the meeting at the bank will give you both the time to make an informed decision together.

Go to your local financial institution with your boyfriend and bring all of the identification materials with you. For most banks, these documents will include your Social Security card, government-issued photo identification (driver's license, state ID card, passport) and proof of your current residential address (such as a bill). Your boyfriend should bring the same identification documents, as well as information about his account, such as his most recent statement.