Can Another Person Deposit Money on a Prepaid Credit Card?

A prepaid credit card is actually a debit card, and it is possible for another person to deposit money to the card. The term "prepaid credit card" is simply a marketing gimmick. Prepaid credit cards do not feature a line of credit, which distinguishes them from bank-issued credit cards.


Prepaid credit cards are the same as prepaid debit cards. Purchasers activate the cards with an initial deposit at a local store or online. Initial and subsequent deposits are possible using cash, other debit cards or bank transfers. Debit cards issued by banks or credit unions are not prepaid. Those cards draw money from checking or savings accounts. Bank-issued debit cards are good for use as long as money is available in the account linked to the card. Prepaid credit cards require additional deposits after the card holder spends or withdraws the initial deposit.

Bank Write Transfer

Most prepaid credit cards accept electronic funds transfers from banks. That makes it possible for another person to deposit money onto the account by bank wire. The other person must know the routing number and account number for the prepaid credit card. All prepaid credit cards with the ability to receive direct deposits, such as payroll checks, can receive wire transfers. Many people who do not want to do business with banks choose prepaid credit cards for this reason. They are able to receive payments from employers, government agencies and anyone else with access to their card's routing number and account number.

Money Transfer Agencies

People who want to deposit money onto someone’s prepaid credit card can also use money transfer companies. These companies specialize in wiring cash payments or deposits. They can accomplish the transfer to a prepaid credit card using the card's routing number and account number.

In-Store Reloads

Another person could also add cash to a prepaid credit card by taking the card into a store offering “reload” services for that specific card. The person can add cash to the card simply by presenting the card and completing the transaction by providing cash or drawing the funds from another debit card. Also, some prepaid credit cards have daily or monthly limits on adding cash to the cards. This protects against possible illegal activity, such as money laundering. The limits would make it difficult to have multiple people making large deposits to the prepaid card on a regular basis.