Can I Determine My Credit Card CVC Code by Looking at Statements?

by Neil Kokemuller
Sharing a CVC code with an untrusted website  sometimes provokes concern.

CVC is an acronym for card verification code. The more common acronym is CVV, which stands for card verification value. The CVC is typically a three-digit number on the back of your credit card. Because the purpose of the code is to confirm you have the card in hand when making an order, it is typically not revealed on a card statement. Even your full card number isn't typically shown on a statement.

Security Function

The primary reason your CVC appears only on the back of the card is to protect against fraudulent use of your credit account. To place an online order, you normally need the card number, expiration and code. The code confirms that the person using the card number actually has the card in possession and isn't just reading the card number off a fraudulently acquired credit card receipt, for example. You shouldn't share this code with anyone you don't trust.

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