Can a Debit Card Be Used to Rent a Hotel Room?

Can a Debit Card Be Used to Rent a Hotel Room?
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Although policies differ among hotels, debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo are typically accepted by hotels. However, using a debit card may not be a good idea if you have limited funds in your checking account: hotels routinely place a hold on funds upon check-in to cover any incidental charges, like bar or room service. What's more, these funds may not be released until after your stay is long over.

Debit Card Is Different

Although a debit card looks like a credit card, the two are completely different. While a credit card ties up your available credit when you use it, a debit card withdraws funds from the checking account attached to the card. Whenever you swipe your debit card at your local grocery store or gas station, the funds will be taken from your bank balance. Unlike a credit card, debit cards don't allow you the option to pay at the end of the month -- or to make partial payments over time.

Hotel Reservations

If you pay your hotel bill with a debit card, hotels generally place holds on your funds. This is usually to cover incidentals like refreshments from the bar or any damages left after check-out -- the hotel wants to make sure that the money will available to cover these costs, if necessary. While this amount can vary among hotels, it is not uncommon for hold amounts to range from $50 to a few hundred dollars. Even if you don't ultimately owe this money, you cannot access the funds once the holds are placed. If you have limited funds in your account, a hold could prevent you from making other needed purchases. Even worse, it may take a while for the holds to be released.