Can I Check if Someone Cashed My Certified Bank Check?

Can I Check if Someone Cashed My Certified Bank Check?
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You probably rarely write or receive a paper-based check these days, but they still serve a very important purpose. If you’re making a major purchase, for instance, the fees associated with electronic payments can make a paper check a better option. In particular, a certified bank check is a great way to safely pay someone else. Another benefit of paying by bank check is that your financial institution will be able to track its status once the recipient has deposited or cashed it.


  • After you submit a certified check to recipient, there are a few methods you can use to find out if the check has been cashed.

What Is a Certified Check?

Paying by Certified Bank Check

Tracing a Certified Check

It’s important not to lose the certified check once you have it in hand since it can’t be replaced that easily. Once you’ve given it to the recipient, you might want to know if it’s been cashed or deposited. If you watch your bank account, you should be able to see when the funds have cleared but if you still need verification, you’ll need to contact your bank.

Whether you call or visit the branch, a representative should be able to determine the status of the check. If you have contact information for the recipient, it might be just as easy to call and ask if all is OK with the check on her end.