How Can I Check If I Was Sent Money With a MoneyGram?

How Can I Check If I Was Sent Money With a MoneyGram?
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MoneyGram is one of the preferred methods of sending money within the United States and around the world. It could take as little as a day to receive the money or up to three days. The duration depends on the option the sender choses to transfer the money. MoneyGram customers can use appropriate steps to find out if the money they are expecting is available.

Call the sender and ask for the reference number. The reference number, also called the control number, is the number that the sender receives as confirmation of the transaction.

Call MoneyGram at 1-800-666-3947 to speak to a representative. Give your name and the details of the transaction. This includes the sender’s name and the reference number. The representative can tell you if the money is available for pickup. If it is not available, then call again the following day. Remember that it could take up to three days for the money to arrive.

Visit a MoneyGram branch in your area if you wish to check in person. Complete a receiver form and include the reference number. Give the form and your identification to a representative. The representative will check the system and let you know if your money has arrived.