How Can I Check to See If I Owe the IRS?

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Individuals who are getting their financial affairs in order may discover a discrepancy regarding their tax bill. Taxpayers are required to submit their tax returns and pay taxes yearly. Failure to pay your taxes or inaccuracies on your tax return can result in a tax bill. The IRS will contact you with a bill; however, you aren't required to wait for them to contact you. You can contact the IRS directly to find out if you owe back taxes.

Contact an accountant and set up an appointment to review your financial documents. After the accountant has reviewed your information, they may file an amended tax return if you owe money to the IRS.

Call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. Provide identifying information to the operator, and inquire about any outstanding balances to your account. You will want to request documentation in writing stating that you are current on your taxes. Request a bill if you are told that you have an outstanding balance.

Locate your local IRS office. Set up an appointment to review your past tax return filings. They will be able to determine if you owe back taxes.

Pay any taxes that are outstanding. The IRS will offer pay arrangements to individuals who cannot pay their tax bill in full.