Can You Be Charged an Annual Fee Without Activating a Credit Card?

by Craig Berman
Cutting up your unused card may not be enough to avoid a fee.

A credit card company may charge you an annual fee even if you’ve failed to activate the card, depending on the terms of your credit card agreement. However, even if they charge you the fee, you may be able to get it taken off your bill if you choose not to activate the card.

Changing Your Mind

If you apply for a credit card and then subsequently change your mind before activating it, simply cutting up the card and throwing it away isn't enough. You'll have to call and tell the credit card company that you're no longer interested. Before doing that, check to make sure they have not charged you a fee. If they have, ask the lender to remove it, noting that you never activated or used the card. If that doesn’t work, talk to a supervisor. If a phone call is ineffective, the next step is sending a certified letter asking that the company remove the charge and close the account. Get any agreement you have to close the account in writing and file it away in case there is a dispute later.

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