How Can I Check My Bank of America Mastercard Balance Online?

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Before you can check a Bank of America Mastercard balance online, you have to enroll in the company banking program through its website. Online access allows you to check your balance, view your statements, pay your bill and make changes to your personal information.

Enroll in Online Banking

To enroll on the Bank of America site, click on the “enroll” link above the log-in box at bankofamerica. Insert the Bank of America credit card number and your Social Security number or tax identification number. The website will prompt you to create a user ID and passcode to log in with, as well as set up a SiteKey for security. The dashboard will show all of your Bank of America accounts and balances.

Other Methods

You can check the balance on your phone or tablet as well. Download the Bank of America mobile app, log in using your online banking user ID and passcode and view your account balance through the app. To check your balance over the phone, call the number on the back of your card or call the general credit card customer service number at 1-800-732-9194.



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