How Can I Check My Bank of America Mastercard Balance Online?

How Can I Check My Bank of America Mastercard Balance Online?
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You can find out the balance on your Bank of America Mastercard in several different ways, including going online. Online, you can check your balance at Bank of America’s website and logging in to your account. Also, you can use Bank of America’s mobile app to access your account.

The quickest way to check your balance is by phone, but if you can’t or don’t want to use that option for some reason, you should be able to get your balance online in a matter of minutes. Regardless of what type of Bank of America Mastercard you have, the process for checking your balance should be the same.

Log In to Your Account

When you open a Bank of America account, you’ll be able to create an online account. This will allow you to check your balance, make a payment, set up auto payments, review transactions and make a balance transfer.

To check your balance, visit or the website listed on the back of your credit card. Log in using your online ID (also known as a username) and password.

If you don’t have an online account, you can set one up in a matter of minutes and then check your Mastercard balance. Visit the website, click on “enroll” and follow the instructions. You’ll need your card number and other information, such as your Social Security number or tax ID number, security code on the back of the card and your mailing (street) address or zip code.

You’ll be asked to set up a challenge question (such as your mother’s maiden name) and provide an email address. Once your account is set up, you’ll be asked to log in. After you do this, you can check your balance.

Use the Mobile App

Another way to check your balance online is to use the Bank of America mobile app. Do a search at the Bank of America website for “mobile app” or visit the Apple Store or Google Play, depending on what type of phone you have.

Download the app, follow the instructions for setting up your account and then log in and check your balance. The setup process will require the same information you need for setting up an online account.

Be Aware of Pending Transactions

When you log in to most credit card online accounts, you’ll see your balance displayed on the first web page. This does not include any pending transactions. This can cause problems if you think your balance is the balance displayed on the front page and you believe you have a certain amount of money available for making charges.

You will usually see your remaining credit available underneath your balance amount, which might not add up to your original available credit minus the balance displayed. For example, if you have a Mastercard with a ​$10,000​ credit limit and you see your card balance is ​$9,600​ when you first log in, you might think you have ​$400​ worth of credit available.

If you look at the credit available number, however, you might see that it’s only ​$250​. This is because you recently made a charge of ​$150​ (or a business, such as your electric or cable company, charged your card) and Bank of America has put a hold on ​$150​ worth of your available credit. To check to see if you have any pending payments, click on the account number that links to your account information to view your recent transactions.

Other Options for Checking Balances

In addition to checking your balance online, you can get the information by calling the number on the back of your card or using an automated teller machine. You won’t need to speak to or wait for a live agent when you call. After you enter your card information and you’re recognized, press the “balance” option on your phone to get your balance. If you want to check pending or recent transactions, you can do that using your touch tones or by asking to speak with a representative.

To use an ATM, you’ll need your card and your card’s personal identification number. After you insert the card and enter your PIN number, use the “check balance” option.