How to Calculate Series EE Bonds

United States EE Savings Bonds can be purchased at half their face value at U.S. financial institutions, or for full price online. The bonds take several years to mature, and then they accumulate interest at a rate determined at purchase. Because the purchase price and interest rates can vary, and the age of the bond can affect its value, the best method for calculating the value of bonds is to use an online calculator.

Gather the desired EE bonds for valuation.

Log onto the Internet, and go to the U.S. Treasury's Securities Site, Treasury Direct.

Left-click on "Enter" under the heading "Individuals," which is located near the top of the page.

Select "Price Your Savings Bonds" from the menu that appears.

Select "Savings Bond Calculator" from the navigation bar that appears on the left.

Under the blue list of options that appears, right-click on "Get Started."

Leave the date box blank or change it for the desired date of redemption. Enter dates in two-digit month/four-digit year format (for example: 04/2010)

Leave "EE Bonds" selected from the drop-down menu, and select the denomination of the bond's face value from the "Denomination" menu.

Enter the serial number for the bond. This is a long series of numbers preceded by one letter, located on the bottom right of the bond

Enter the issue date, which is located in two boxes directly above the serial number.

Left-click the "Calculate" button and the amount will be shown. Repeat with additional bonds as needed.


  • If the EE bond was purchased for half of its face value and has not reached maturity, the value of the bond may be less than the full face value. Typically, EE U.S. Savings Bonds require thirteen years to reach face value.


  • There may be an additional date located on the bond within a circle, but this is related to the purchase or shipping date of the bond and may not provide an accurate value if entered in place of the issue date.