How to Calculate Your North Carolina Teacher Retirement

How to Calculate Your North Carolina Teacher Retirement
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The North Carolina Department of State Treasurer agency offers a convenient way for teachers, state employees, law enforcement officers and other governmental employees to calculate their estimated retirement benefits online. After accessing the website and entering your personal information, you can easily calculate and view your estimated North Carolina teacher retirement benefits.

Gather your personal information. When accessing the retirement estimator feature, you will need information such as your date of birth, your beneficiary's date of birth, date of retirement, number of service years accumulated in the state system and other vital data. If you don't have this information, contact your human resources or personnel department to obtain this information or look for some of this information on your monthly paycheck stub. The state retirement system also periodically sends a report to your physical address containing this data.

Access the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer's official website. This site contains information regarding unclaimed property, state and local government, retirement and other vital topics. You can utilize this site to review an estimate of your early, monthly or service retirement benefits.

Click the "retirement" tab. Scroll down and click "retirement estimator." Select the "teachers and state employees" tab and click "continue." Enter your personal information in each respective field and click "calculate benefits" to view your estimated North Carolina teacher retirement benefits.

Click "ORBIT" (Online Retirement Benefits Through Integrated Technology), on the same web page to view a benefit estimate based on your own personal retirement account savings information. After completing the short registration process, log into the system and click "view your benefit estimate."


  • There is no guarantee that you will receive the actual benefits outlined from your benefits estimator quote, since legislative laws governing the actual amounts may change in the future. The website is only meant as a guide and you will receive more precise benefit amounts when you actually retire.