How to Calculate GBPs Into Euros

How to Calculate GBPs Into Euros
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If you are traveling from Great Britain to the rest of Europe you will need to convert some British pounds (GBP) into Euros. Also, you may need the exchange rate for online shopping or investment planning. Finding the exchange rate can be accomplished by using an online currency calculator.

Determine the number of GBPs you want to calculate into the equivalent number of Euros. Or you can find the value of a single GBP and multiply it by any amount of British currency.

Locate an online currency conversion calculator. Two easy-to-use calculators are the Universal Currency Converter at and the currency converter on Yahoo Finance. The links for both converters are listed under Resources.

Enter the number of GBPs to convert and select GBP from the currency list on the form or left side of the currency converter.

Select Euro on the right side of the calculator as the currency to convert into. Select "go" or have the result show automatically. The result will be the current value in Euros of the amount of British pounds you selected.


  • The exchange rate between the GBP and Euro is constantly fluctuating. The changes are small in the short term but can be significant over longer periods of time.

    If you are actually exchanging pounds for Euros, the rate you receive will be less than the online currency rates. Currency exchange companies and banks take out a certain percentage as a fee when they buy and sell currencies.


  • If you plan on exchanging currencies, shop around. The actual exchange rate offered by different financial institutions can vary significantly.