How to Calculate an Electricity Bill Using a Template

Templates are a great way to perform different calculations. A template will tell you what numbers you need in order to make your calculation. If you have a template for your electric bill in a spreadsheet like Excel, you can input the template numbers to automatically calculate your electric bill. The main number you need to know for your template is kilowatt hours and the charge per kilowatt hours. If your electric bill has a different way to calculate your bill, then you may need additional numbers.

Determine which values you will need to put into the template. The most likely numbers you need are your kilowatt hours used during the period and your charge per kilowatt hour used. Your kilowatt hours used is on your electric meter. The charge per kilowatt hour used will be on previous bills, unless the amount changed. For example, assume a template asks for kilowatt hours used and kilowatt hour charge.

Write the values the template asks you to input into the template. In the example, assume you used 400 kilowatt hours at a charge of 5 cents per kilowatt hours. You would enter these amounts into the template.

Solve any math the template requests. In the example, to calculate the bill, you need to multiply kilowatt hours used by the charge per kilowatt hour. So, 400 kilowatt hours times 5 cents per kilowatt hour equals an electric bill of $20.