How to Calculate Earned Hours

When a student enters college, his grade level is determined by earned hours. Earned hours, or credit hours, are the number of academic hours that a student has accumulated. According to Georgia Tech, freshman are students with 0 to 29 credit hours, sophomores must have between 30 to 59 credit hours, etc. Earned hours can also refer to the amount of time an employee works. This information is used to assign such benefits as vacation and sick time. You need to know a few things to calculate your earned hours correctly.

Calculating Earned Hours in College

Visit your college's registrar's office. This is where they keep your records. Request a copy of your current transcript.

Cross out any classes you repeated. Only one of the classes will count toward your earned hours. Next, remove any classes from the list that received an F grade. You will also need to cross out any classes in which you received an incomplete, or classes from which you withdrew.

Add up the earned hours for all of the courses that you did not cross off. The earned hours should be listed on the transcript next to each class.

Use the credit hours for any transfer classes that were accepted by the college to add to the total. This is the amount of earned hours you currently have.

Calculating Earned Hours in Business

Collect all of the time cards for the week for the employee you need to calculate the earned hours for.

Add up the hours the employee worked on each daily time card. For example, if Tom worked from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, his earned hours for that day total eight.

Find the sum of the week's earned hours by adding up the earned hours for each day.

Assign vacation, sick and personal hours based on the total earned hours for the week. For example, your company may assign two vacation hours, one sick hour and one personal hour for every 40 earned hours completed.


  • Some colleges allow you to view your unofficial transcript through a link on their website. Meet with a school counselor if you've changed majors, because that could affect your credits.


  • There may be a fee required to obtain a copy of your transcript.