How to Calculate Disability

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According to their Annual Report, the Social Security Administration provided disability benefits to 8.9 million people in 2009. Of these 87% were disabled workers. When a worker becomes disabled and is unable to continue earning, disability benefits replace wages as the primary source of income. Calculating the amount of monthly benefit allows recipients to budget their finances and also allows non-disabled workers to plan for the future.

View your current Social Security Statement. The statement is provided to you yearly by the Social Security Administration and is a record of your taxed earnings. On the statement is a section that gives your estimated benefit amount. This is the dollar amount of monthly benefits you would receive if you became disabled. The amount is based on your taxed earnings up to the end of the statement year. If you have worked after the end of that year, the amount may be higher.

Request a statement if you have not received one. You can either request a statement using Form 7004 online or contact the Social Security Administration office by telephone at (800) 772-1213.

Report any mistakes on your Social Security statement. Mistakes can affect the amount of your disability benefits. These can be simple errors with address, name or missing earnings. Contact the Social Security Administration by phone to correct errors. Be prepared to provide correct information about the error; for earnings mistakes, have past W-2 forms available.


  • You must be 25 years old or older to receive a statement annually. There is no minimum age to request a statement from Social Security.