How to Calculate Your Annual Salary Before Taxes

Your salary before taxes is also referred to as your gross salary. Often, lenders, banks and other interested parties, such as census workers, request your annual gross salary figure. Interested parties identify better with annual figures, and you might identify better with the result as well. Converting your regular gross pay to an annual figure is a simple procedure that requires only your current gross pay information.

Look at the gross income you receive based on your most recent pay stub. In most cases, employees who are paid salary receive the same gross amount each pay period.

Calculate your monthly salary. If you are paid biweekly (every two weeks), multiply your gross salary by 2.17. If you are paid weekly, multiply your gross salary by 4.33. If you are paid twice per month, or semimonthly, multiply your gross pay by two. The result is your monthly gross salary.


Multiply your monthly salary figure by 12. The result is your annual salary before taxes.