How to Buy Westinghouse Stock

How to Buy Westinghouse Stock
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Westinghouse was purchased by Toshiba in 2006 for $5.4 Billion. To buy Westinghouse, you’ll want to purchase shares of Toshiba Group, which trades in the U.S. under the ticker symbol TOSBF.


Westinghouse was founded in 1969 as the Westinghouse Air Brake Company, and over the years pioneered many inventions such as airborn radar, all-weather airport lighting and the analog computer. In 1952, they helped build the first nuclear power plant in the United States. Westinghouse was purchased by the Toshiba Group of companies in 2006, but still is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

Purchase Stock

Use your brokerage account to buy Toshiba stock. Decide if you’d rather purchase at the market or place a limit order which buys when shares reach a predetermined price. Call your broker or place the trade online by using your broker’s online trading tool. Specify the number of shares you’d like to buy.



Because Westinghouse is part of the Toshiba Group of companies, any positive returns posted by the Westinghouse division could be offset by negative performance in another Toshiba division. If you don't have a brokerage account open, you may have to complete paperwork and fund an account before purchasing shares.