How to Buy Private Shares of Stocks

by Francesca Lee ; Updated April 19, 2017
The Securities and Exchange Commission has an ongoing investigation to monitor pre-Initial Public Offering trading.

Every serious investor has a story about The One That Got Away. A mournful tale where a paltry $10 investment generated a $1 million jackpot for the lucky shareholder who got in at ground level. So it's not a surprise that those seeking a piece of the next Google or LinkedIn have stalked the secondary market to purchase private shares -- and they're paying big bucks to get in. SecondMarket, an online exchange that specializes in private stock, disclosed revenues of $400 million in 2010, according to SmartMoney.


  • Join online private stock marketplaces and track their business before you lay down any cash.


  • Buying private shares on the secondary market has well-documented risks. Because you don't have the vetting process of a public stock exchange and deals have limited legal protections, this avenue presents more complexity and frustration for the average investor. Have your lawyer review every document.

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