How to Buy Jewelry at Sam's Club

How to Buy Jewelry at Sam's Club

Buying jewelry can be a daunting experience. There are so many stores to choose from and so many retailers that offer good quality jewelry for sale that the task can leave even the most seasoned shopper confused. Sam’s Club stores have stepped into the jewelry sales arena and offer a wide variety of excellent quality jewelry and gemstones at very affordable prices. Buying jewelry from Sam’s Club can be a simple process with a little forethought and preparation.

Enroll in a Sam’s Club membership. Sam’s Club offers a variety of memberships, ranging from basic memberships to more complex business accounts. You can enroll for whatever type of account you like, but just be sure that you have all the proper documentation and identification with you. You will need to fill out the forms and pay the proper enrollment fee, and you will be issued your membership card. Keep that card handy, as you will need it every time you enter your local Sam’s Club. You can purchase items at Sam’s Club without a membership, but your purchases will be subject to a non-member surcharge.

Look at the selection at the jewelry counter. Most Sam’s Club stores only keep a limited amount of available jewelry in the store. Try on pieces from the store that you might like. You can choose from this selection or you can ask the clerk to see the jewelry catalog selection. Sam’s Club stores carry a wide selection of jewelry that is not in store, as the selection is too great to fit inside most retail outlets.

Discuss prices, shipping times and costs and availability with the clerk. She can inform you if there will be any additional costs or wait times associated with your purchase. Occasionally products might be on back order, but you can discuss these issues or concerns with your clerk before completing your purchase.

Ask any questions you might have before paying for your item. Many Sam’s Club stores offer sizing on jewelry purchases if the jewelry does not fit right. Warranties are available on most purchases for an additional fee and should be discussed up front. Double-check that the clerk has your order details, including name, shipping address and telephone number, correct before paying for your purchase.

Pay for your jewelry at the counter. Most Sam’s Club stores accept limited methods of payment, so make sure you have the correct type of payment on hand. Any sales tax, shipping charges and surcharges should be included in your payment so that there are no more costs or fees associated with your jewelry purchase.

Take your jewelry with you if you are making an in-store purchase, or keep your receipt handy if your jewelry has to be ordered. The store should call you when your jewelry purchase arrives, so make sure that you have your receipt with you to pick up your purchase. Verify that you have received the correct piece of jewelry before leaving the store. Address any concerns or questions that you might have at this time to assure you get the most pleasure and enjoyment out of your Sam’s Club jewelry purchase.


  • Fill out your membership paperwork clearly and completely. A membership to Sam’s Club makes your shopping more affordable and hassle free. Look over the jewelry closely to ensure that it is what you asked for. Any issues or flaws should be discussed with the store right away.


  • Do not purchase jewelry if you are not sure you truly want it. Ordering a piece of jewelry only to turn around and say you don’t want it causes troubles for both you and the store.