How to Bury Valuables to Keep Them Safe

When it comes to the important things in your life, sometimes you need to take the same route your grandparents did and bury those valuables. You could use a bank vault, but banks are routinely burglarized and you could hide them in a fireproof box in your own home, but if your house is broken into you can kiss that goodbye. Instead of risking your valuables being stolen, why not bury them and feel a little safer? This is easy to do as long as you have a shovel and a yard.

Find the perfect location to bury those valuables. You’ll probably want to find a spot in your own yard so you don’t get caught trespassing on someone else’s property. Also if you bury it somewhere else, there’s always the risk that someone else might find it before you can retrieve it.

Draw a map of the location and keep it in a safe spot. Some people will tell you that the map can be stolen and your valuables taken, but this is highly unlikely. By relying solely on your memory, you might lose your valuables and not be able to find them again.

Place your valuables in an airtight and waterproof container. A plastic storage box is one solution, while others like the idea of a garbage bag. No matter what you use, wrap the outside of the package entirely in packing tape. Packing tape is heavy duty and will create a waterproof seal once in place. You may feel more comfortable wrapping the package two or three times in tape.

Dig a hole in the ground 2-3 feet deep using a shovel. Any less and it might be easy to find, any deeper and you may have trouble finding it later. Place your valuables inside the hole and fill the hole back up with dirt. Make sure you pack the dirt back down so it doesn’t look like the ground was recently disturbed.

Plant a small bush, plant or tree on the spot where your valuables are. This is optional, but some people find it helpful to hide or disguise the area. It also gives you a marker to look for when you decide to dig up your possessions. You can also cover the area with new grass or even a layer or rocks.


  • For added protection, cover your valuables with a handful of rocks before you cover it with dirt. If someone finds the area, they might give up when they see the rocks, thinking that there is nothing there.

    Tell at least one other person where the items are buried, or where they can find the map to the location. If you’re injured or killed, your things could end up missing forever.


  • Avoid picking a location where natural or manmade forces might move the package. A location slated for construction work or anywhere near a marshy or water filled area is a bad choice. One storm and your things might be lost forever.

    Don’t go back to the spot frequently to make sure your items are still buried. Not only does it look suspicious, but others might start looking around to see what you’re looking for.