How to Book Airplane Tickets Without a Credit Card

In times where credit card payments seem to be the only option for booking airline tickets, it’s still possible to reserve and pay for plane tickets without a credit card. Some options even allow you to book without a credit card online. With several different types of alternate payment arrangements available, all you’ll need to do is consider your available funding options and the reservation option that’s most convenient for you.

Go to the airline ticket counter. Every airline that flies out of a particular location has an on-site ticket counter at the airport. At the ticket counter, you can book same-day and future flights. Ticket agents are able to accept forms of payment such as cash, ticket vouchers and airline miles.

Contact a local travel agent. Many airlines charge travel agents an additional fee to accept credit cards from customers, so local travel agents may prefer and accept other forms of payment, such as cash or checks, to book your airplane tickets. Call a local agent and ask what payment options are available for booking.

Go to the airline’s website for alternative payment options. Some airlines, like American Airlines and Delta, offer passengers several payment options that do not require use of a credit card. Some alternatives include Paypal payments, Western Union and Bill Me Later. Bill Me Later is a service that allows consumers to purchase items and pay for them later. Credit approval is required. Some of these options can be used to book online through the airline’s site, and some options require customers to book in person at the airline’s ticket counter.