Black Investment Clubs in Atlanta

African-American consumers who invest money dream of making the right choices and increasing their funds. Some choose to join investment clubs where they learn more about investing, network with other African-American investors and make joint investment decisions. Black investment clubs in Atlanta meet the needs of African-Americans living in or near Atlanta, Ga., by allowing them to meet, share information and invest.

Black Investing

African-Americans who seek investment clubs often come from families without investing experience. These individuals grow up with a desire to learn how to increase the value of their money without familial resources to learn from. Other African-Americans want to see individuals of their race succeed and join these groups to mentor others. Black investment clubs provide the resources where these individuals can learn investing fundamentals from each other.

Campus Clubs

Atlanta serves as home to several traditionally African-American colleges. These include Morris Brown College or Morehouse College. These schools encourage students to learn how to manage their financial affairs, including investing. Students participate in clubs, such as the Morehouse Entrepreneurship Club and Investment Club, and attend financial literacy seminars, such as "Get Your Money Right" hosted at Morris Brown College. This seminar features African-American performers and covers topics like home ownership, understanding credit scores and financing.

Community Education

Black investment clubs in Atlanta provide financial education opportunities for the community. These opportunities allow African-American investors to network with each other and learn about various aspects of investing. In 2009, The Atlanta chapter of the National Association of Securities Professionals hosted the 20th Annual Pension and Financial Services Conference. The National Association of Securities Professionals focuses on developing investing skills in African-Americans and other minorities.

The Next Generation

Some black investment clubs based in Atlanta focus on developing the financial skills of the next generation. Kidz 4 Money teaches children how to manage their finances and build wealth for themselves. This group focuses on building a generation of African-Americans with the financial knowledge to improve their financial positions.