Benefits in Arizona for Disabled Veterans

Arizona's Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) administers benefits available to the state's retired and disabled military service members and their dependants. The department works with local and federal agencies and community organizations to enhance and expand programs and services for disabled veterans. Ongoing VA marketing efforts help to insure that local military service members are aware of and know how to apply for available benefits.

Property Tax

Disabled veterans who are legal residents of the state of Arizona and whose total annual income is less than $10,000 are exempt from paying property tax. Should the disabled veteran be married, the total annual income both spouses can earn, to be exempt from paying property taxes, is $13,200 a year. Disabled veterans who have a child under the age of 18, or have an adult child who has been declared completely and permanently mentally or physically disabled, can have a total annual income of $18,840 and still qualify for the property tax exemption. The exemption is reviewed on a year-to-year basis.

Vehicle License and Registration

Veterans who are certified by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as completely disabled, due to military service, and who are receiving VA payments related to their disability, do not have to pay vehicle license tax. They are also exempt from paying annual Arizona vehicle registration fees. If a spouse is listed on the veteran's vehicle registration, the veteran or spouse must pay half of the regular registration fee to cover the additional person on the registration.

State Veterans Home

Honorably discharged disabled veterans who are residents of Arizona can stay at the 200-bed State Veterans Home to receive therapy, rehabilitation and psychological support. The facility is located in Phoenix and has a meditation room, a multi-sensory room for people with dementia, a fitness center and a library. Meals are prepared three times a day. Live-in rooms are available at the home for disabled veterans. A physician must validate that the veteran is mentally or physically disabled. Financial statements that detail the veteran's and their spouse's monthly income, including social security and retirement payments, must be submitted by retired military service members who wish to stay at the home.

State Veterans Home 4141 North Herrera Way Phoenix, Arizona 85012 602-248-1550


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