Benefit of Online Bill Payments

Using your bank’s online bill payment service saves you time and money. Just type in the amount you want to pay on your credit card, utility bill or auto loan and confirm the amount. Your bank automatically deducts the payment amount from your bank account and sends it to the vendor.

Easy Set-Up

Simply take the time to type in the vendor’s billing information along with your account number, and your bank saves the information for future online bill payments.

Cost Effective

Using an online bill payment service eliminates the need to mail in your payment, saving you the cost of postage on every bill you pay online.


Time Saving

Paying a bill online takes just seconds; you won’t waste time writing out a check or sealing and stamping an envelope and driving to the post office.



Log on to your bank’s website from any computer or wireless device anytime, day or night, to pay your bills.


Bill Reminders

Set up the online or mobile bill reminder service so you never miss a payment due date or incur late payment fees.