How to Become a Vendor at a Stadium

Stadium vendors get to attend every game for free and often have a great view of the action. But working as a stadium vendor is still work. The job requires lugging heavy tubs of beverages and trays of food up and down stadium steps and dealing with customers' many moods. But if you're in good physical shape, like working with people and enjoy sports, a job as a stadium vendor might be perfect for you. You can work part time or full time as a stadium vendor.

Ask the vendors at the stadium where you want to work who employs them. Some stadiums hire vendors directly, while others use a contractor who is in charge of all the vendors.

Contact the concessions manager or director of operations at the stadium. Find their number on the stadium's website, or call the main stadium line and ask for the number. Tell the person you're interested in a job as a stadium vender.

Complete the application to become a vendor. You might be able to do this online, or the manager might ask you to come to the stadium to apply in person. Because you'll be handling money, some positions require a background check, which can add a few days to the application process.

Highlight any previous sales experience you might have had, though this is not a requirement for being a vendor, nor is any experience with sports. Steve Lazarus, a vendor at Yankee Stadium, started in 1977 with no previous experience.

Show up on time at the interview and ready to demonstrate that you're capable of the physical exertion required to be a vendor. You might be asked to sell relatively light cotton candy one day and heavy cans of beer or soda the next, so you need the stamina to do it all.


  • As a vendor, you get a percentage of every item you sell, plus tips. The best vendors joke with customers and develop an entertaining sales patter. Study the best vendors at your stadium to pick up pointers that can improve your income.

    You must be at least 21 to sell beer, though younger vendors can work selling other concessions.