How to Become a Title Closing Agent

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A title closing agent facilitates real estate transactions. The agent gathers all the necessary documents, gets all the parties to the contract to sign the papers and manages the funds involved in the transaction. At the closing, the agent reviews the contract and checks that all the contract terms are fulfilled. Every state has a governing body that looks over title closing agents. To become a title closing agent in your state, you need to fulfill the requirements set by the governing body.

Find the state department that governs the licensing of title closing agents in your state. The name of this department may vary by state. For example, it is known as the Department of Financial Services in Florida and the Insurance Department in Pennsylvania.

Review the requirements for becoming a title closing agent in your state. You may obtain this information from the state department's website or by contacting the department by phone or in person. Basic requirements may include age, immigration status and residency.

Take an educational course if you have to pass an exam to get a title closing agent license in your state. The state department may require you to take certain kinds of courses. For example, the Florida Department of Financial Services requires that you choose from a list of courses that have been approved by the department and complete at least 40 hours of classroom time.

Obtain the necessary work experience if required by the state department. For example, the Florida Department of Financial Services requires you to carry out "title insurance duties" at work for at least one year.

Set a date for the title agent licensing agent exam and pass the test. If you succeed, you will get a license that allows you to work as a title closing agent in your state. If you want to work in another state, you may have to get another license.


  • Depending on your state, you may have to fulfill a minimum amount of continuing education to maintain your license.


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