How to Become a Notary Closing Agent in Florida

How to Become a Notary Closing Agent in Florida
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At almost any given time, there are around 100,000 homes listed for sale in Florida on Every one of these homes for sale will require the services of a notary signing agent. This is a lucrative opportunity, and you might want to learn how to become a notary for real estate closings.

What is a Closing Agent in Florida?

What does a closer do at a title company? As a notary, you will ensure the integrity of the closing documents. You will check the identification of all parties to make sure they are who they say they are. A notary authenticates signatures and serves as a third-party set of eyes on the transaction. A transaction is not considered complete until the notary puts his or her seal on it.

Mortgage lenders and title companies use the services of a notary agent in all real estate transfer transactions. The title company researches the title to make sure there are no issues that affect the property, such as liens, errors, property disputes, boundary issues or grants of right of way. The notary closing agent only oversees the final transaction.

Is becoming a notary signing agent worth it? According to, the average hourly rate for a notary in Florida is ​$22.11​ per hour. reports an average range between ​$35,408​ and ​$46,103​ per year. You are hired by Realtors, mortgage companies and title agencies to perform your services. Next, you probably want to know, how do I become a title closing agent in Florida?

Title Closer Certification in Florida

How do I get my title license in Florida? The state of Florida does not accept applications to become a notary directly from the public. You must submit your application through a bonding agency. Your first step is to go to Florida's Notary Home Web page; here you will find information on everything you need to become a notary in Florida.

On the state website, you will find a link that says, "Notary Education Program." When you click on that link, it will take you to the course. It is a three-hour course that you must complete within one year of submitting your application.

The program includes three hours of interactive and classroom instruction. Topics include electronic notarization and the duties of the position. You can complete it and print your certificate once you have passed the test.

Next, go back to Florida's Notary Home Web page and click on the link the says, "Notary Processors That Electronically Transfer Notary Applications." You must choose one and complete the application packet form provided by them. The Notary Processor will electronically submit the application to the Notary Commissions and Certifications division. The state has a fee of ​$39​, but the bonding companies have additional fees that vary.

Other Loan Closing Certificate Program in Florida

Florida Legislature, SB 1334, states that courses to become a notary can be conducted by any public or private sector entity registered with the Executive Office of the Governor. They are sometimes offered in conjunction with real estate title closing courses in Florida or by banks and law firms. The curriculum of these programs must be approved by the office. Before choosing a program to become a closing notary in Florida, it is important to make sure that the course is officially registered with the governor's office.

Becoming a closing notary in Florida is an important service. You will have plenty of opportunities to offer your services, and you can earn a substantial income for them. Once the application process is complete, it typically takes about ​two to three weeks​ to receive your credentials. This is an excellent opportunity for part-time or full-time income.