How to Become a Tax Preparer in the State of Indiana

Tax preparers answer questions about filling out tax forms and get forms ready to send to the Internal Revenue Service and the state department of revenue. In Indiana, tax preparers do not need to be licensed as of 2011. You can become a tax preparer in the state by graduating from high school and taking appropriate coursework at the community college level.

Graduate from high school or earn your GED. You do not have to get your high school diploma in Indiana to qualify for tax preparation. Take as many math and computer courses as you can in high school or while getting your GED.

Complete a tax preparation program. Take your tax preparation coursework in an office located in Indiana so that you can study Indiana tax law as well as federal tax law. You can take tax preparation courses at community colleges. Some tax preparation companies also offer courses for people interested in working for them.

Apply for jobs at tax preparation offices. Give the manager a copy of your transcripts from your tax preparation courses when you apply.

Take additional coursework each year to keep up to date with tax code changes. You may also take courses geared towards helping you become an enrolled agent. Pass the enrolled agent examination to become an enrolled agent for the IRS.