How to Become an Auto Claims Adjuster

by Nicki Howell ; Updated July 27, 2017

Auto claims adjusters are responsible for interviewing all parties involved in an accident, managing repairs on vehicles and handling medical payments of injuries. They also use the physical damage and recorded statements to make a liability decision. But to become an auto claims adjuster you must meet minimum requirements, such as having or bachelor’s degree or auto industry experience. Here’s a guide to becoming an auto claims adjuster.

Step 1

Earn a bachelor’s degree. The majority of insurance companies require that auto insurance claims adjusters have a bachelor’s degree; preferably in criminal justice. They will also consider individuals with 3 to 5 years of auto industry experience.

Step 2

Check out insurance claims adjuster internships. Larger companies like Progressive Insurance and State Farm offer claims adjuster internships to college students and individuals interested in this occupation. To secure one of these internships, contact the claims adjuster manager and ask if you can send your resume. This will allow you an opportunity to gain experience that will qualify you for a paid position after graduation.

Step 3

Secure entry-level positions. If you haven’t earned a degree but are interested in this line of work, check out entry -evel positions. For example, apply for a claims processor job, which entails ordering police reports, transcribing written statements and sending out correspondence letters. Once you’ve gained a few years of experience, seek a promotion to an auto claims adjuster position.

Step 4

Apply to auto claims adjuster positions. If you have the required education or experience, search for job postings with companies like HotJobs and Monster (see Resources). You can also target insurance companies directly by checking out the career s section of their website. Try larger companies such as State Farm, Farmers Insurance, Progressive Insurance and American Family Insurance.

Step 5

Update your resume. When applying for an auto claims adjuster position, focus on skills important to the industry such as course work completed in law, communication skills and ability to successfully conflict. Job Bank USA offers sample auto claims adjuster resumes (see Resources).


  • Insurance companies are constantly seeking new auto claims adjusters. Keep checking back with major companies because job postings are added often.


  • Don’t be afraid to follow up on your resume. After sending your resume, follow up with a quick phone call. Explain that you want to answer any additional questions the hiring manager may have.

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