Bankruptcy & Food Allowance

Bankruptcy & Food Allowance
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When filing for bankruptcy, there are allowances for certain everyday living expenses that are acceptable depending on the cost of living in your location. These standards are your "allowable living expenses."

Personal Bankruptcy

When filing for personal bankrutpcy, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you must create a budget that shows your estimated monthly living expenses versus your monthly income. Depending on where you live, certain amounts are acceptable as allowable living expenses for food, rent and gasoline within your bankruptcy petition.

Allowable Living Expenses

Allowable living expenses depend on location. Some areas have higher standard living expenses versus others; usually large cities have higher allowable living expenses than small towns.

Food Allowances in Bankruptcy

Food allowances in bankruptcy are calculated based on location and household size. You can only count the number of dependents as people in your household; usually only a husband, wife, and their minor children are parties of a household. The food allowance amount goes up for every dependent in the household starting at $293 per month for a one-person household up to $752 a month for a four-person household.