How to Find Balances on Prepaid Visa Cards

How to Find Balances on Prepaid Visa Cards
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Visa prepaid cards, including gift and debit cards, start out with a set balance that goes down with each use. A receipt may tell you the remaining balance, but, if you want to check the balance on your own, start with the information on the back of the card.

Check Online

Visa sells its prepaid cards through third-party banks, credit unions and retailers, so there is no single Visa source to check balances. You must go to the website of that card issuer, which is listed on the card's back. The information you must provide varies depending on the issuer. The Vision prepaid Visa card, for example, requires the card number, the three-digit security code on the back and your date of birth.

Other Options

You can also call the customer service number listed on the back of your card to get your balance. Some cards, like the Visa Buxx and Visa Payroll, allow you to use text messaging to check your balance and receive low balance alerts. Several also give you a Personal Identification Number so you can check a balance through an ATM.