The Average Salary of a Revenue Cycle Coordinator

A revenue cycle coordinator is a mid-level position that typically reports to the revenue cycle director. You can typically find this occupation in the health care and medical services industry. The revenue cycle coordinator occupation has similarities to the billing clerk and collection clerk occupations, with the exception of medical billing and coding knowledge that is required.

Job Duties And Qualifications

This occupation typically requires a bachelor’s degree and experience in the field. Experience can be in medical billing, collections or coding. Computer skills, knowledge of medical terminology and good communication skills are essential to this job. Job duties including monitoring insurance billing for reimbursement, medical billing and acting as liaison between patients and insurers. This occupation typically does not include supervising any employees.

National Average

As of August 2011, Simply Hired lists $55,000 as the average annual salary for a revenue cycle coordinator in the United States. To determine the salary figure, Simply Hired calculates the average salary offered for current job listings in this occupation. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not compile wage information for this specific occupation. Similar occupations include billing clerk, collection clerk and other financial specialist. The national average for a billing clerk is $33,270 and for a collection clerk is $33,100. These amounts are lower due to the lack of specialized knowledge required. The other financial specialist average salary more closely aligns with this occupation. The BLS lists the average as $66,920.

Top Paying States

If you are looking for a job as a revenue cycle coordinator, you should know that the average salary varies by location. Some states pay higher than the national average while others pay lower. For example, the average salary in Florida is just $51,000, according to Simply Hired. In Massachusetts, the average salary is $68,000. Other top paying states include New York at $66,000, California and Maryland at $63,000, Washington at $62,000 and Illinois at $59,000.

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas

As of August 2011, Simply Hired shows Washington, D.C and San Francisco as the top paying metro areas for this occupation, with an average annual salary of $75,000. In Seattle, the average salary is $67,000, followed by New York City at $66,000. Minneapolis shows an average salary of $64,000. In Chicago, the average salary for this occupation is $61,000.