The Average Salary of a Personal Assistant to a Music Producer

Working alongside the top music producers in the industry are their personal assistants who provide a full-range of duties including scheduling studio sessions, making travel arrangements and running errands. Personal assistants may be employed by music producers of various statures and acclaim. Thus, the average salary can be comparable to entry level rates or close to six-figures for those working for extremely wealthy music producers.

The Basics

Personal assistants often work independently from home. In the case of those who work for celebrities and other high-profile individuals, the rigors of longer hours and extensive travel may be more demanding. However, the pay is usually higher than the pay of other types of personal assistants, such as concierges and drivers. Personal assistants may also be referred to as executive assistants whose chief responsibilities are considered administrative in nature.

The Numbers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average salary of executive administrative assistants at $45,860 as of 2010, or $22.05 per hour. The lowest 10 percent of earners make $28,740 annually, or $1382 per hour with the highest 10 percent of earners making $67,000 annually, or $32.21 per hour, as of 2010. Executive administrative assistants working for entertainers and other public figures earn an average of $45,960 as of 2010, which is slightly higher than the overall average salary of executive administrative assistants.

A Closer Look

Salaries for executive administrative assistants are highest in the New York metropolitan area, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at $58,580 as of 2010. New York is home to a number of top music producers. Additionally, it is the home of most major record labels, including BMG and Universal. Comparatively, in non-music industry based cities such as Phoenix and Minneapolis, the average salary for these assistants are $42,370 and $45,960 respectively as of 2010. Thus, the salaries of personal assistants to music producers can be largely tied to location and where music producers are based.

Other Figures

A number of music producers may also be recording artists. Jay Z, P. Diddy and Toby Keith are examples of artists who also produce music for themselves and other artists. The Careers in Music website lists the average salary of personal assistants to recording artists between $35,000 and $100,000 with salaries dependent upon the assistant's reputation and experience along with the artist's stature.